Tips on Choosing the Best Soldering Iron


Soldering irons are tools which we use for soldering. This is a handy tool that are easily available in the market and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Choosing the right size for a soldering iron can be tricky, but it all depends on how you need to use it, and what projects do you require it for. Some important factors that may affect your soldering iron purchase decisions include Wattage, the types of soldering irons available, controlling of temperature, as well as the shape of the tip and its size.

Different Types of Soldering Iron

Soldering irons comes in about four different sizes and varieties. These are:

  1. Soldering Pencil

Soldering pencils are quite simple among the soldering tools and are very cost efficient as well. These soldering pencils can be used easily for DIY projects. Usually, the price range of soldering pencils stretches form $10-$30. Although the name might confuse you to choose this for your project, fine soldering projects should never be done by this as it does not allow you to keep control over the temperature of the tip. Having applied too much heat while soldering can result in damage of the components and the circuit board as well.

  1. Soldering Station

Soldering Stations are made of soldering pencils which are supported by a power station. The power station is responsible for controlling all the desired settings for temperature with reference to the tip of the soldering iron. Some soldering stations come with the feature of controlling temperature electronically, enabling you to maintain the temperature of the iron on a set temperature. The power station attached to the pencil works to keep the temperature of the tip adjusted. The prices for these range from about $40-$150. Soldering stations are widely used to cover most of the projects through using hole components and fine surface mount components. One of the best sellers for soldering stations is the Sequre Shop which provides not only quality for the product, but also value for money.

  1. Soldering Systems

The soldering systems are also known as repair or rework systems. This is due to their complexity in working process and their demand and use in high-volume manufacturing. Soldering systems involve several hand pieces that include the soldering iron, the de-soldering gun, thermo-tweezers besides other equipment. These systems are used at an industrial scale and cost about $300-$3000.

  1. Soldering guns

Soldering guns consist of a transformer which is responsible for lowering the voltage. The transformer in soldering guns usually have only one turn which enables them to produce very low levels of voltage. Soldering guns are usually used in soldering systems for industrial use which involves the high use of voltage, and simultaneously the need to lower the voltage.


For choosing the best soldering iron, you need to be aware of the type of workpiece you require it for. If you need it at industrial level, go for the soldering systems, if at smaller levels, soldering pencils are handy as well.

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