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      Buying Guide for Soldering Iron and Top Picks of 2020

      Buying Guide for Soldering Iron and Top Picks of 2020

      Buying Guide

      Soldering iron is one of the handiest electronics which help in working with metals. Soldering irons are also sometimes regarded as soldering pencils; and are used as a tool for soldering projects. Following is a guide to consider while buying soldering irons.

      • The rating for the wattage should range from about 20-50 watts only. Wattage is not responsible for handling the temperature or heat of the soldering iron. It only works on how fast it can heat the iron and re-gain the normal temperature after plugging it out.
      • Every time you solder, the tip of the soldering iron is lowered in terms of temperature as it transfers the heat forward to the wires of solder joints. The higher the wattage of the soldering iron, the more it can maintain a loner temperature and re-heat itself.
      • Tips of the soldering irons should always be replaceable. This is because the tips can become damaged or oxidized and need to be changed after a while, so spending a few extra cents in replaceable tips will eventually save you from spending a lot in future.
      • Purchasing a good, heat-proof stand is also important to get while purchasing a soldering iron. This is to rest the iron when it is not in use, so that no one is harmed by it.
      • The most expensive soldering irons have built-in temperature controls. If money is not a problem for you, getting temperature control feature is just an additional and useful edge to your soldering iron which will make the job easier.

      Best Soldering Iron Reviews 2020

      MINI Latest Development Soldering Iron - TS80 Soldering Iron

      The TS80 soldering iron is made up of aluminum alloy which makes it not only more stable, but more sensitive as well. The size of this soldering iron is as small as a pen. It is very compact and elegant to use. The TS80 soldering iron is programmed with the automatic sleep and shutting down feature alongside easy programming option.

      Upgraded version of TS100 - Mini SQ-001 Soldering Iron 

      The SQ-001 soldering iron is also a compact iron which is not only intelligent but has automatic control on internal heating system. It is very light in weight and convenient to assemble or disassemble. This soldering iron has micro usb interface as well as control key for temperature adjustment on the handle so you can control it just by using one finger. It also comes with a sleep mode option to prevent drying out of the soldering iron and prolong the life of the joints.

      The Right Tip Size for Electric Soldering Iron

      The Right Tip Size for Electric Soldering Iron

      When you are selecting a tip for soldering, chances are that the tip shape has been determined. However, you may face hindrance in adjusting the diameter of the tip for which you need to know what tip size suits best. Choosing the right tip size is important for soldering as it enables you to get enhanced performance and better results. Some of the characteristics that you need to consider while choosing the right tip size for soldering iron are mentioned below.

      • Remember the property of heat. It will run through your workpiece easily and will be offered easy wetting by the electric solder.
      • If you notice that the wetting process of the solder is too easy, note to adjust the setting temperature to a low number.
      • The lower the degree of the temperature, the less the oxidation of the tip.
      • Saving the tip from oxidation can maximize the life of your tip and save you money; which makes choosing the right tip cost-efficient for you.

      While you are working to select the perfect tip for electric soldering iron, consider your options well through research. One of the best suppliers for guiding you to the right tip size are Squre Shop; which can help you in choosing the suitable size.

      Why Does Size of the Tip Matter for Workpiece?

      When you are choosing the size of the tip, remember that it changes the contact are of your workpiece as well. The contact area is responsible for transferring the heat into the workpiece. For this purpose, you need to pick the ones which transfer the most amount of heat. Normally, it is recommended to use the dropped temperatures and select the tip of a larger size. This choice makes you spend lesser time, as well as less oxidized in favor of the tip.

      Besides selecting the larger tip size, it is even better if you go for the appropriately sized tip. This is because, when you are soldering iron with dropping temperature and workpiece temperature, it will be just convenient enough not to lose any heat in the process. It has also been observed to transfer the most heat into the workpiece.

      Choose Tip with Appropriate Size for Workpiece

      Importance of choosing appropriate tip size is considerably large in terms of the results we get. This is because, when we use smaller tip size, heat is not transferred so the working time is increased. Contrary to this, if the tip is big in size, it might cause damage to the P.W.B. In case it is not possible for you to work up and use an appropriately sized tip for your workpiece, you can reduce the tip size to the minimum amount and then solder the iron. It is also important to note that if appropriate size of tip is chosen with respect to the workpiece, enough heat will allow the solder to be wetted and heat will be transferred easily, however, the drop-in temperature may increase.

      Tips on Choosing the Best Soldering Iron

      Tips on Choosing the Best Soldering Iron

      Soldering irons are tools which we use for soldering. This is a handy tool that are easily available in the market and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Choosing the right size for a soldering iron can be tricky, but it all depends on how you need to use it, and what projects do you require it for. Some important factors that may affect your soldering iron purchase decisions include Wattage, the types of soldering irons available, controlling of temperature, as well as the shape of the tip and its size.

      Different Types of Soldering Iron

      Soldering irons comes in about four different sizes and varieties. These are:

      1. Soldering Pencil

      Soldering pencils are quite simple among the soldering tools and are very cost efficient as well. These soldering pencils can be used easily for DIY projects. Usually, the price range of soldering pencils stretches form $10-$30. Although the name might confuse you to choose this for your project, fine soldering projects should never be done by this as it does not allow you to keep control over the temperature of the tip. Having applied too much heat while soldering can result in damage of the components and the circuit board as well.

      1. Soldering Station

      Soldering Stations are made of soldering pencils which are supported by a power station. The power station is responsible for controlling all the desired settings for temperature with reference to the tip of the soldering iron. Some soldering stations come with the feature of controlling temperature electronically, enabling you to maintain the temperature of the iron on a set temperature. The power station attached to the pencil works to keep the temperature of the tip adjusted. The prices for these range from about $40-$150. Soldering stations are widely used to cover most of the projects through using hole components and fine surface mount components. One of the best sellers for soldering stations is the Squre Shop which provides not only quality for the product, but also value for money.

      1. Soldering Systems

      The soldering systems are also known as repair or rework systems. This is due to their complexity in working process and their demand and use in high-volume manufacturing. Soldering systems involve several hand pieces that include the soldering iron, the de-soldering gun, thermo-tweezers besides other equipment. These systems are used at an industrial scale and cost about $300-$3000.

      1. Soldering guns

      Soldering guns consist of a transformer which is responsible for lowering the voltage. The transformer in soldering guns usually have only one turn which enables them to produce very low levels of voltage. Soldering guns are usually used in soldering systems for industrial use which involves the high use of voltage, and simultaneously the need to lower the voltage.


      For choosing the best soldering iron, you need to be aware of the type of workpiece you require it for. If you need it at industrial level, go for the soldering systems, if at smaller levels, soldering pencils are handy as well.

      Brief Guide to Electric Soldering

      Brief Guide to Electric Soldering

      Soldering is a technical skill to learn. It involves precision, patience and accuracy. Event the tiniest details can make a huge impact in the results. The electric soldering process can be tricky as well as a little dangerous at times as well. Following are some precautions you need to go through first before starting the process.

      • Ensure the safe placement of the soldering iron and never leave it unattended. Place it on heat proof surface/materials e.g. ceramic tiles.
      • Because of extremely high temperature of the soldering iron, avoid contact of skin, plastic, and cloth with the iron.
      • Wearing eye protection while soldering is extremely important to avoid sparking in eyes.
      • Sometimes, soldering gives of dangerous fumes which can affect your health. Ensure the area that you are working in is well ventilated or wear a mask.

      Preparatory Measures

      Try working on a heat-proof surface for this process. Ceramic tiles might cost you a lot, so some samples from the DIY store may be helpful. Use a fresh tip for soldering iron and choose the right size. Before you turn the soldering iron on, make sure it is placed safely. Make sure the tip of your soldering iron is tinned. Tinning is the process where tin coat is spread over materials. Tinning the tip of into the solder can prevent oxidization to a large extent. Once the solder is hot, touch the tip properly. Clean excess solder off and repeat the process till tip of iron becomes shiny.

      Perfecting the Solder Joint

      For best results, your soldering tip needs to be adjusted at the ideal temperature. The tip of the soldering iron is to be in contact with the copper area of the hole that your component is attached to. This will heat both up. Remember not to apply solder directly or straight away after heating. Touch the soldering iron into the copper surround and pin it for a second. Repeat this with your other hand as well. When you are going to feed in the solder, you should do this at the point where the soldering iron touches not only the copper surround but the pin also.

      After you have added enough solder, you can remove the solder except for the soldering iron. This iron is to be held up in position for a second or two to let the solder flow into the solder joint you are working on. Skipping this step might cause your process to fail, as it will make the solder joint blobby and will not produce effective results.

      Finishing Touches for the Process

      Although the process of electric smoldering is technically complete, there are a few edges you need to round off. Try clipping the legs of the joints, it will give a professional impression over all.  Examples of clipped components are LEDs, resistors etc. Removal of residue of the flux also enhances the visual of your circuit board. Just the last spray finish of IPA can clean off all residues to create the ideal board.

      Why choose TS100?

      Why choose TS100?

      Humanized Design:

      • Easy to use: No need soldering station, just plug and play. Mini size, easy to carry out.
      • Temperature Display and Control Key on Handle.
      • Temperature rise/fall can be achieved with only one finger.
      • Sleep mode: Effectively prevent drying and fever. Extend the service life of welded joints.
      • The anti-static structure is connected with the ground wire, which is safer.
      • Design your own heating curve.Write APP according to your own needs.

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