In the context of the country advocating the spirit of entrepreneurship, a group of like-minded electronics enthusiasts gather together and keep abreast of the trend of the times, start their business to develop intelligent DIY tools. They have been fond of DIY since very young, and they make up a team of electronic engineers with more than ten years of experience in circuit board development.

Thus, in 2019, SEQURE company was founded. They have always adhere to the latest international electronic technology, user demand oriented, through continuous innovation, have developed lots of popular intelligent DIY tools and electronic products in the market, such as soldering iron, smart screwdriver, smart spot welding machine, stepping motor,ODESC, etc. , possessed a number of national patents. 

Since its establishment, the team has always maintained a humble heart and kept learning and innovating, actively expanding marketing channels. Over a short time, the company has developed rapidly, and the team is gradually growing. Members in SEQURE come from different places, but gather together because of the same faith, all of them has unique skills. High-quality R&D team, production team, and marketing team all contribute to the healthy development of SEQURE!

With proficient professional technology, perfect after-sales service system, as well as the company's good reputation, nowadays, SEQURE has won a place in the international market, and won the trust and support of peers and distributors at home and abroad.


SEQURE’s logo looks like a dragon lying on a boat, meaning dragon boat. According to historical records, the dragon boat race was to commemorate the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, reflecting the spirit of patriotism and collectivism in people's hearts. Also the dragon boat race has been officially listed as a sports event on dragon boat festival in China, showing the spirit of concerted efforts and striving for the top.

The spirit of the dragon boat leads the direction for SEUQRE team and inspires everyone in SEQURE to brave the wind and waves. On the road of pursuing dream, SEQURE is just like this dragon boat, moving forward without fear.

We are born for DIY; we strive for excellent; we are determined to provide worldwide DIY lovers like us with desirable products; we aim to redefine traditional DIY tool products with first-class technology and technology products, and build a world-renowned national brand of smart tools! Let’s set sail for long journey.


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