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      Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver 

      SQ-ES126 is a MCU based on STM32, equipped with high-definition OLED digital display, supports Type-c interface 5V power supply and firmware upgrade. The three LEDs on the front are illuminated at close range, allowing users to use and comfort in dark environments. SQ-ES126 is a smart screwdriver with multi-directional angle sensing. At the same time, it is a smart screwdriver that is illuminated, and can also be used in manual mode.

      motor rating: 0.5W

      the sequential driver ratio  64:1

      rpm: 245

      Packing List  

      1 x SQ-ES126 Smart Screwdriver

      24 x Screwdriver Bits

      1 x Manual Handle

      1 x Instruction Manual

      Shape and Size:
      Product Net Weight: 122g
      Packing Size: 172*80*48mm

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       SQ-ES126 Certificate and Test Report

       1.SQ-ES126 CE certificate 3.SQ-ES126 CE-EMC Test Report
       2.SQ-ES126 FCC certificate 4.SQ-ES126 FCC-SDOC Test Report


      CE, FCC certification and strict quality control system to ensure the company's high-quality products.

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