The Right Tip Size for Mini Soldering Iron


When you are selecting a tip for soldering-weller soldering tips, chances are that the tip shape has been determined. However, you may face hindrance in adjusting the diameter of the tip for which you need to know what tip size suits best. Choosing the right tip size is important for soldering as it enables you to get enhanced performance and better results. Some of the characteristics that you need to consider while choosing the right tip size for soldering iron are mentioned below.

  • Remember the property of heat. It will run through your workpiece easily and will be offered easy wetting by the electric solder.
  • If you notice that the wetting process of the solder is too easy, note to adjust the setting temperature to a low number.
  • The lower the degree of the temperature, the less the oxidation of the tip.
  • Saving the tip from oxidation can maximize the life of your tip and save you money; which makes choosing the right tip cost-efficient for you.

While you are working to select the perfect tip for electric soldering iron, consider your options well through research. One of the best suppliers for guiding you to the right tip size are Sequre Shop; which can help you in choosing the suitable size.

Why Does Size of the Tip Matter for Workpiece?

When you are choosing the size of the tip, remember that it changes the contact are of your workpiece as well. The contact area is responsible for transferring the heat into the workpiece. For this purpose, you need to pick the ones which transfer the most amount of heat. Normally, it is recommended to use the dropped temperatures and select the tip of a larger size. This choice makes you spend lesser time, as well as less oxidized in favor of the tip.

Besides selecting the larger tip size, it is even better if you go for the appropriately sized tip. This is because, when you are soldering iron with dropping temperature and workpiece temperature, it will be just convenient enough not to lose any heat in the process. It has also been observed to transfer the most heat into the workpiece.

Choose Tip with Appropriate Size for Workpiece

Importance of choosing appropriate tip size is considerably large in terms of the results we get. This is because, when we use smaller tip size, heat is not transferred so the working time is increased. Contrary to this, if the tip is big in size, it might cause damage to the P.W.B. In case it is not possible for you to work up and use an appropriately sized tip for your workpiece, you can reduce the tip size to the minimum amount and then solder the iron. It is also important to note that if appropriate size of tip is chosen with respect to the workpiece, enough heat will allow the solder to be wetted and heat will be transferred easily, however, the drop-in temperature may increase.

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