The Best Soldering Iron Set for Beginners


For users of electric soldering irons, performance is one aspect, and complete equipment and portability are the most important aspects. Today, I come to recommend a SQ-001 best welding tool bag with both performances.

This combination is the kit included in the box. You can choose the adapter plug suitable for different countries, which provides a stable 19V power supply for the soldering iron.

You can use the 19V 3.42A power adapter (EU/US) plug at home.

At the same time, if you need outdoor welding friends, you will also be satisfied. Because SQ-001 can be powered directly by lithium batteries. You can keep SQ-001 working normally as long as you carry the power bank. Allows you to flexibly apply various welding scenarios.


plug wire

In fact, if you have purchased the SQ-001 Best Soldering Toolkit, the solder suction wire and solder paste are regarded as free gifts on the website. This will be the link in the description, and the order will be accompanied by these gifts.

There is a flux paste, which is not included in the regular packaging. It is an add-on product.

In addition, there are solder wires. It’s nice to see long-life solder wires. I can put them on all the bad joints I make, then I can remove them, touch and heat them, and then suck them into the solder. When I took it away, the welding was complete. It works very well and brings you easy work.


Please use a grounding clamp, appropriate power supply and other accessories to ensure safe use.


diy pcb board

When the temperature of SQ-001 rises, do not touch the tip of the soldering iron to avoid burns.

Let's try it next. Before use, please click the A button, you don't need to wait too long. It only takes less than 10 seconds to heat to 300 degrees. It heats up very quickly and it has an adjustable temperature. Press the B key to increase the temperature. At the same time, you can set the required initial temperature and personal LOGO. 


mini soldering iron

If you need to work outdoors, please use the XT60 power cord (included in the product) when using the SQ-001 best welding tool bag, and prepare a power bank that can meet your needs.

You can also use the adapter to power him at home.

That's it for today. Hope we will see other tips soon.

Stay Safe! 

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