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SEQURE SQ-ES126 Smart Angle Control Electric Motion Screwdriver with 24 Bits Precision Repair Assembly Tool
ES126 is currently out of stock. If you are from the United States/Canada/Mexico, you can purchase directly from our official Amazon store.  Smart Motion Control Electric Screwdriver  -The main control is based on 32-bit MCU, equipped with an angle sensor,...
ES-180 Micro Electronic Screwdriver Bit Set - Sequre
Product Specification:  Model:ES-180 Screwdriver Total length:180MM Weight:0.25KG Product Color: Silver Grey Battery Capacity:260mA Battery type: Lithium Battery Endurance: Continuously Tighten 300 Screws Maximum Torque: 0.35 (Nm) Power Supply Voltage: 3.6V Rated Speed: 150 (rpm) No-Load speed: 160 (rpm) Return speed:150(rpm)...
$39.99 $29.99
115 in 1 watch mobile phone digital home appliances disassembly and maintenance tools multi-functional manual screwdriver set
Package included: Telescopic handle × 1 Extension rod (hard) × 1 Extension rod (soft) × 1 Tweezers × 1 Disassembly crowbar × 3 SIM card pin × 1 Plus degausser × 1 Suction cup×1 Triangular pick × 6 Electric equipment...
46 in 1 mobile phone watch repair tool combination multi-purpose screwdriver S2 bits screwdriver set
Package included: Handle × 1 Extension rod (hard type) × 1 Extension rod (soft type) × 1 Socket×7 Tweezers × 1 Bit × 35 Overall Dimension: Product Size: 115*20*20mm           Net Weight Of Product: 21g Package...
32 in 1 watch mobile phone disassembly and maintenance household hardware tools wholesale multi-purpose screwdriver set
Package included: Handle × 1 Extension rod (hard) × 1 Bit × 30 Overall Dimension: Product Size: 105*20*20mm           Net Weight Of Product: 15g Package Size: 120*75*32mm           Packing Weight: 130g Package...
25 in 1 key case disassembly maintenance tool screwdriver wholesale multi-purpose screwdriver manual screwdriver set
Package included: Handle × 1 Storage bag × 1 Bit × 24 Overall Dimension: Product Size: 90*15*15mm           Net Weight Of Product: 10g Package Size: 105*70*18mm           Packing Weight: 102g Package Size...
13 in 1 special-shaped Phillips slotted screwdriver multi-purpose combination ratchet dual-purpose screwdriver set
Package included: Handle × 1 Plus Degausser × 1 Bit × 6 Overall Dimension: Product Size: 75*39*39mm           Net Weight Of Product: 75g Package Size: 142*122*40mm           Packing Weight: 200g Package Size...
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