How to use electric soldering iron safely?


--When you buy an electric soldering iron, safe use & the service life of the soldering head becomes a crucial issue. 

Electric soldering iron is the most commonly used welding tool. It is generally divided into internal heating type electric soldering iron and external heating electric soldering iron.
Before using the new soldering iron, we all like to polish the iron head with fine sandpaper, electrify and heat it, dip it in rosin, and then contact the solder wire with the edge of the iron head, so that a layer of tin is evenly plated on the iron head.
This can facilitate welding and prevent the surface oxidation of the soldering iron head. I use a replaceable soldering iron. If I don't pay attention to the maintenance of the iron head, I need to replace the iron head.

Soldering Iron Tips

If the old soldering iron head is blackened due to serious oxidation, the surface oxide can be removed by steel frustration to expose the metallic luster, and then tin can be used again.
When using AC power supply, pay special attention to safety. The following points should be seriously done:
It is better to use three pole plug for electric soldering iron plug. Make sure that the enclosure is properly grounded.
Before use, check the power plug and power cord carefully for damage. And check whether the soldering iron head is loose. 
The electric iron should not be knocked hard during use. To prevent falling. If there is too much solder on the soldering iron head, wipe it off with a cloth. Do not throw at random to avoid scalding others.
During welding, the soldering iron should not be left everywhere. When not welding, it should be placed on the soldering iron frame. Pay attention that the power line should not be placed on the soldering iron head to prevent the insulation layer from being damaged and causing accidents.
After use, the power supply should be cut off in time and the power plug should be pulled out. After cooling, return the electric iron to the toolbox.

In conclusion, in order to use the electric iron safely and effectively, we should:

  1. Before each soldering operation, wipe with a wet sponge to remove the oxides and foreign matters on the soldering head.
  2. Do not use too much force to avoid splashing residue, scalding people or damaging materials.
  3. The soldering iron head should be coated with a layer of tin before use.
  4. The electric soldering iron should not be heated in air for a long time to avoid burning out the iron head.
  5. When the electric soldering iron is not in use or suspended, it is necessary to dip the soldering iron head with tin and place it on the soldering iron rack to protect the safety of the iron and personnel.
  6. The constant temperature soldering iron with the soldering head removed shall not be electrified, so as to avoid internal oxidation caused by continuous heating and shorten the service life of the soldering iron.
  7. If the soldering iron head is damaged, deformed or pinhole appears, it should be stopped immediately to avoid damaging the object to be welded.
  8. When the electric iron is not in use, turn off the power and pull off the plug to avoid scalding others. 
  9. Do not touch the metal part near the soldering head to avoid scalding
  10. Do not use soldering iron near inflammables
  11. When the electric iron is damaged, especially after the power line is damaged, it is forbidden to use it
  12. Do not wet the electric soldering iron, do not use or disassemble the electric soldering iron when the hands are wet, and do not pull the power cord
  13. The electric iron should be used and stored in places where children are not easy to contact or supervised by adults

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