Can 18650 be welded with electric soldering iron?


Can 18650 be welded with electric soldering iron? Lithium batteries are not recommended to be connected by tin welding. A small amount is recommended to be assembled by battery box and a large amount of battery pack diy is recommended to be spot welding.

Because most of 18650 lithium batteries welded with electric soldering iron are manual welding, it is difficult to add tin and control the welding time. During welding, the diaphragm inside 18650 battery may shrink and lead to internal short circuit. There are great potential safety hazards in direct welding with electric soldering iron. If electric soldering iron must be used for welding, it is recommended to stagger the welding after spot welding nickel sheets on the surface of 18650 battery, so that the heating inside the battery cell will be greatly reduced. However, it should be noted that each soldering time should not be too long and the temperature of electric soldering iron should not be too high.

The advantage of spot welding is that it can be welded very fast and firmly in one second. Spot welding is mostly used for the assembly of lithium battery. Because the welding time is very short, there is little heat on the surface of lithium battery. Although the price of spot welding machine is slightly higher than that of electric soldering iron, the money of spot welding machine cannot be saved if more lithium batteries are assembled.

For spot welding, there must be nickel plated strip or pure nickel strip. The method of spot welding is to cut a section of nickel strip and place the nickel strip at the position to be spot welded. For example, the figure below shows the lithium battery for spot welding.

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