CHEAP DIY Spot Welder / Compared to $200 Sequre SQ-SW1 BY Donny Terek


In this video I decided to show you have I made this simple and cheap spot welder which is a highly useful tool for a DIY'er that can be used in many different projects for creating rechargeable battery packs! Nowadays, lithium batteries are widely using in the electronic products, rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles, balance vehicles, aircraft models, ship models, electronic tools and so on. I am using a microwave oven transformer that I have salvaged a while ago. I also compare my DIY spot welder to a $200+ Mini Intelligent DIY Spot Welder OLED Automatic&Manual Switching Lithium Battery Power Battery Pack Welding Machine SQ-SW1.

how to build this upgraded DIY spot welder

š—£š—®š—暝˜š˜€ š—³š—¼š—æ š˜€š—½š—¼š˜ š˜„š—²š—¹š—±š—²š—æ:

Spot welder controllerĀ 
Welding handle
9V AC transformerĀ 
Microwave transformerĀ 
Cable connector (2 sets 35-50)Ā 
Foot pedal switch
35mmĀ² cable (3 meters)Ā 
Copper electrodes
AC input Jack
AC cordĀ 
2.1mm DC input jack
Brass standoffsĀ 
Heat shrink tubing (12 mm)Ā 
Cable lugs 35-10

Article tutorial

SQ-SW1 worth the investment if you are making many batteries.

sq-sw1 spot welder
Hope you give this project a try! āœŒļø


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