What does the KV Value of Brushless DC motor mean?


People often ask: is the KV value of Brushless DC motor the greater the better?

Let's first understand what is the KV value of brushless motor: the KV value of DC brushless motor is high and low, the low is 1000-2000, and the high is 5000-6000. It represents the value of speed increase for every 1 volt increase in voltage. For brushless motor, this value is a constant.

For brushless DC motors of the same size, those with more winding turns have low KV value and low high output current, but high torque. Those with less winding turns have high KV value and high output current, but low torque.

Of course, the quality of the motor cannot be judged by the size of KV value, because different KV values have different applications.

Assuming that the low-voltage environment of the brushless DC motor is 7.1v and the KV value is low, due to the low speed, it is suitable to be equipped with a smaller reduction ratio and a larger propeller, rely on a larger load to increase the current and output a larger power. For those with high KV value, due to the high speed, it is suitable to be equipped with larger reduction ratio and smaller propeller. Under the condition of meeting the output power, reduce the load and avoid excessive current.


Assuming that the high voltage environment of Brushless DC motor is 11.5V and the KV value is low, it can achieve high speed and good torque under this voltage environment. It is ideal. It needs to be matched with large reduction ratio and small propeller. Under the condition of meeting the output power early, it is necessary to reduce the load and avoid excessive current. If the KV value is high, the speed is too high in this environment. In order to avoid excessive current, the load should be reduced as much as possible. Its high speed is very suitable for culvert fan engine.

Of course, the user can provide the KV value that needs to be achieved to SEQURE, and we will recommend a suitable brushless DC motor to you.


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