S99 Firmware Upgrade

Firmware update steps:

The user holds down the "A" button and does not let go. After connecting the PC and soldering iron using USB, the "UPDATE" interface appears on the soldering iron screen. Paste the downloaded firmware in the computer disk, and the "READY" in the soldering iron screen changes to "YES", the firmware is successfully upgraded, and the connection is disconnected.



S99 V1.08 Firmware update description

1.Cancel startup delay.

2."Protocol"Added PD 15V option.

3."Brightess" range is updated from 1 to 10.

4.Do some optimization.

5. Special note: Soldering iron does not always automatically select the correct protocol and voltage Settings, this is not a problem of soldering iron or firmware, but depends on the quality of the usb cable and charger used, as well as the chip used in its production.

If the soldering iron restarts, which can usually happen if You use high power 2.5 Ω tips with a less powerful charger, try another "Protocol" option to lower the voltage. If that doesn't help, try reducing the Power percentage, "power" regulation works on some sources, not all.

The PPS protocol is recommended for 2.5Ω soldering tips, and the PD protocol is recommended for 5.5Ω soldering tips. The PD20 protocol setting can also be selected using  2.5Ω tips with some powerful chargers to achieve the maximum power of the soldering iron with them.

1.Before upgrading the firmware, please make sure that the name of the product(S99) is the same as the name of the downloaded firmware(S99_V1.08). An incorrect upgrade may cause irreversible damage to the product.  

2.The firmware is only used for product upgrades of SEQURE users, please contact SEQURE if you have any questions.



Recommend buyers add capacitance to the PCB of the S99 by themselves:
(S99 shipped from the official website after April 23, 2024 do not need to do this)

When the use of non-certified power supply or other circumstances may cause damage to some components of the product, in order to increase the reliability of the product, we strongly recommend users to add a 25V 1UF capacitor in S99(PCB_V1.4 and V1.3) (recommended 0402 or 0603, 0402 is used in the diagram.


Tutorial on increasing capacitance:



SEQURE is sorry for the inconvenience. We will send you a S99 5.5 Ω soldering tip for free when you place a new order in our official store, but you need to meet the following requirements:
1. For the orders that were placed before April 24th, 2024
2. You must place a new order in any SEQURE official store.
3. You should contact customer service and offer a screenshot of your previous order. (Make sure your order has S99 soldering iron)
When you meet all the above requirements, you can get a free S99 5.5 Ω soldering iron tip with your new order.

Each one is limited to one chance.
The validity period is 6 months.
This activity will expire on October 29th, 2024.



Turbosets_manual_en-ru PDF download : Turbosets_manual_en-ru.pdf

S99 firmware download : S99_V1.08.hex




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