What is ESC?


ESC, the full name of electronic governor, Electronic Speed Control, referred to as ESC. According to different motors, it can be divided into brush ESC and brushless ESC. It adjusts the speed of the motor according to the control signal.


For their connection, the general case is like this:

  1. The input line of the ESC is connected to the battery;
  2. The output wires of the ESC (two with brushes and three without brushes) are connected to the motor;
  3. Connect the signal line of the ESC to the receiver.

In addition, the ESC generally has a power output function, that is, between the positive and negative poles of the signal line, there is a voltage output of about 5V, which supplies power to the receiver through the signal line, and the receiver supplies power to control equipment such as steering gear.

It is no problem for the output of the ESC to power three or four servos. Therefore, electric aircraft generally do not need to supply power to the receiver separately, unless there are many steering gears or high requirements on the power supply of the receiver.


The main application of ESC is on toy models such as aircraft models, car models, ship models, flying saucers, frisbees and so on. These models drive the motor to complete various commands through ESC, imitating its real working function, so as to achieve the effect similar to the real situation. Therefore, there are aircraft model ESC specially designed for aircraft models, car model ESC designed for car models, and so on. The function of the ESC is to control the motor to complete the specified speed and action. Therefore, ESC also have a wide range of applications in production and life, such as ESC on power tools, ESC on medical equipment, ESC on automotive turbines, special ESC for special fans, and so on. Some ESC manufacturers will customize the ESC for you according to your different needs and motor parameters.


SEQURE provides ODESC for driving brushless motors, ODESC 3.6 is based on the open-source project ODrive for hardware optimization and enhancement, stable performance, and matching the original firmware of Odrive. More affordable, better cooling performance. Welcome to customize and buy!

sequre odesc 3.6

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