What Can Electric Soldering Iron Do?


What can electric soldering iron do?

All you can think of is to solder the electrical wiring.

Soldering iron has lot of usages,and it used in many different feild.To soldering something?Sometimes,something only unexpected,and nothing impossible.This gives an example of using a soldering iron to make art.

Use soldering iron to draw woodblock prints?It seem like we couldn’t fly in the sky before.A plank,A soldering iron,it can painting the fine art pieces with unique oriental art style.The pyrography of Zhangye Shandan in Gansu is made of basswood plywood,using electric soldering iron tools as a substitute for painting,plus Chinese ink painting techniques,paint,mosaic installation and other techniques.The 53-year-old Zhang Zhiguang is the heir of Shandan Brand. He has been learning pyrography at the age of 19 for 34 years. Starting in 2018, he gradually integrated the fusion of Shandan horses into the pyrography. 

Manufacturing colored glass?

As a material stained glass is glass that has been coloured by adding Metal salt during its manufacture, and usually then further decorating it in various ways.  The colored glass is made into small pieces, the small pieces of glass are spliced to form the desired pattern, and the solder wires are welded together with a soldering iron to hold them together. Pay attention to safety when using the soldering iron. For beginners to DIY colored glass at home, it is recommended to choose a small soldering iron.

When it comes to soldering iron,the SQ-001 always give me the feeling about portable,smart and easy to use.



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