IS Impossible to DIY a Christmas Tree by Ourself?


DIY a Christmas Tree

The Christmas is coming!The atmosphere is getting stronger.Some people choose home decorations for Christmas,other are decorating the Christmas tree with exquisite ornaments.That’s a wonderful and warm scene.What are you doing or making for celebrate the Christmas?Are you prepare new Christmas clothes for the Christmas?Or are you prepare the beautiful gifts for your family or your friends?Whatever you prepare for them,they will be very happy.

DIY a Christmas tree,actually is one of my hope when i was a kid,that’s really cool.I do it this time.So,i want to share how to make it with all of you.

The first step

Of course,it’s an important step for whether it can success.Right,we need to prepare the raw materials.A PCB board,i I bought a finished PCB board,for i have not so much experience or Cognition to it.But if you can do that by yourself,that’s also a good choice and wonderful experience,just depends on you.A resistor, is also a finished product i bought from Internet.Some Small Lanterns with different color,like the green,red and so on,choosing the color you want to install in the tree.Electric soldering iron,i use one from SEQURE,i just want to say,it’s very usefull.Tin wire,still from Internet.

The second step

I began to do it when i receive the materials.In fact,It’s a challenge for me,because i have no any experience for the DIY like this,just like it very much and have passion to do that.After known its principle,i began to install the resistor.But we still need to Let them be fixed.That’s why i prepare the soldering iron.The soldering iron is very easy for us to use even the beginners like me.I still don't have the talent to do this kind of stuff.It just so kind for the new user.But when you do the soldering work,you still need to pay attention to the hot soldering iron tip,and operate in an open place to avoid the smoke.

After finish the soldering work,Use scissors to cut off the excess wire on the resistor.It is beautiful when i finish this.

The third step

I am happy to see the things i did.Install the colored lights on the PCB board,before this,Separate the lights of different colors so that we can assemble different styles.Pay more attention to distinguish between positive and negative or it will be fail when we finish it.One more time to do the soldering work,just fix the color light on the PCB board.One more warm tip,be careful to use the soldering iron.

The last step

It Just like a game pass,and i came to the last step.Installing the switch and battery.Choosing a suitble switch for your PCB board also plays an important role in the making process.We still need to distinguish between positive and negative of the battery.

That’s all the steps to DIY the Christmas tree.If you are interested in DIY a Christmas tree,just do it.And choose the high quality products. 

In the end,Merry Christmas to all of you.

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