Sequre ODESC 3.6 For Brushless Motor Control


The controller for any BC brushless motor is the main component in delivering the torque and sequre We probably bring to our worthy customers the or ODESC 3.6 optimization controller that is perfect for the smooth operation of high-power brushless motors and is used as a good new option for driver of any high-power brushless motor. Controller plays a very important role in delivering the power of brushless motor and controlling its speed. The electronic circuitry of these controllers needs to be very precise and efficient so that they can optimize the entire process very evenly and smoothly. Slight imperfection in this component may lead to parallelization of entire system. In any sort of open-source project, we require multiple brushless motors which serve various different functions. To control the speed and torque of these brushless motors we need a smart DC to DC controller. With the use of right encoder this controller can alter the torque, speed, position, current and projector off the connected servomotor.

The unboxing experience of all ODESC 3.6 optimization controller is quite simple andstraightforward. Entire box contains the circuitry connected to a widespread yet slim heat sink, a high-capacity resistor and a vortex sink, all these components are delivered in electrostatic
protected bag. The contents of the box are quite self-explanatory and can be used with very less
technical knowledge as it is. It is to be noted that the brushless motor of any kind is not included
in this package.

Product Description:
The overall foot print of the ODESC 3.6 controller is quite impressive. As far as the PCB layout is concerned it is a 4-layer style and boost a single drive head unit. The operational voltages have a pretty wide spectrum ranging from 8 volts to 24 volts. The peak current parameters are also very substantial. A continuous supply of about 50 Amps can be catered with peak surges going up as high as 120 Amps. A very versatile type of support encoders is also compatible. Incremental, absolute, Houle sensor and AMT 102 encoders are to name some. The communication interface includes USB-Protocol Open Source (PC, Raspberry Pi, Ros), UART (Embedded Devices), PWM (RC Remote), STEP/DIRECTION(PLC)、GPIO、CAN、ANALOG INPUT. Moving on to the protection side, the Sequre ODESC 3.6 has got you covered. The ODESC 3.6 is equipped with Programmable Voltage Protection to Prevent Excessive Battery Discharge. The movement pattern includes Speed Mode, Torque Mode, Current Mode, Position Mode, Trajectory Mode, etc. The entire module comes with a very compact design and weighs in at about 56 grams in total without heat sink. On top of all these practical features we are provided with a micro-USB for interface along with CAN bus and encoder interface port as well.

Final verdict:
The ODSEC 3.6 versatility and practicality are beyond amazing and performs very well. The control parameters are very vast and
the drive patterns are very smooth. We highly recommend this driver for mini projects.

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