Sequre Nema 17 Stepper Motor Review


DC motors are a fundamental component of any electronic machinery. In some cases, these tiny electrical machines work as the nerve center of a larger system. There are many kinds of DC motor available to consumers and each of them perform a very specific yet different task. Sequre proudly dominates in this segment as well. At Sequre you can find a variety of servo DC motors that can be used in various electronic devices to cater the needs of actuating or delivering the payload. RDC servomotor basically consist of two primary components. The motor itself is half component and its total efficiency and usability depends upon the controller module. A good controller module delivers accurate instructions and commands and hence controls the speed of the servo motor accordingly. This electronic circuit is very small in size but performs very crucial tasks during operation. Stepper motor driver at Sequre is a 2-phase unit. Let's get into detail unboxing and product features off the stepper motor driver.

The unboxing experience of stepper motor 42 is quite simple and elegant. It comes in a cardboard box when opened you are greeted with an instruction manual which has pretty simple and straightforward printed instructions along with diagrams. And we need that we have the motor along with which the tiny driver is attached. That's all for unboxing and its contents. Seeing this we believe that the setup process is quite simple and elegant as well. Any additional beneficials or components that are required to be a part of the larger set up are to be purchased separately.

Product description:
When building a complex machinery, the sides of actuating motors is very important. If these motors tend to be larger in size the overall size of machinery and its footprint can be very massive. This creates problems like transporting them or maintaining them as well. The stepper motor along with its driver measures in at about 40 mm cube formation. The circuitry is exposed and attached to the back of the motor with its control wires protruding out of the board. The overall form factor of stepper motor is very compact and has a very small footprint. This unit weighs in at about 305 grams which is not that much considering its tiny size and immense power that it delivers. Considering the technical aspects of the stepper motor and its driver we are treated with some pretty impressive specification sheet. To begin with it's a two-face stepper motor, that means the speed controller is quite simple and provide a wide band of operation. It has a step angle of about 1.8 degrees. It operates at about 3.6 volts and the rated current can go as high as 1.5 volts per phase. the next big question is that are produced by this tiny motor. To our surprise it produces about 420mN holding torque and about 15 mN positioning torque at any given instant. Impressively this motor can be operated in open loop and closed loop mode as well. The driver circuit is very compact and delivers pretty accurate feedback loop to the entire system. The speed alteration and phase angle compensation are precise which is very handy when such motors are placed in a complex and accurate system such that of a 3D printer. The wedding schematics off the stepper motor and its driver are pretty simple as well. The major components and wiring connections that are present on a standard level or also available here. The voltage-controlled probe, the ground fire junction, the control signal input, the directional control signal pin, enable controlling signal pin and lastly the reference mode selector is also provided in this tiny circuitry of the controller. These controls provide us with accurate and precise moment and speed control. You see observe closely we find such motors very practical and almost a part of everyday electronic appliances. These are widely used in find closed loop positioning which is required in 3D printing, the game controller feedback motors, the speed cycle record player, various sort of valve control devices and lastly the impedance control in various power electronics circuits are all controlled by stepper motor and its intelligent driver. hey verse control feedback loop on the stepper motor is also very impressive. Its power delivery is very smooth and the driver performs a very fantastic job at controlling the speeds and phase angle.

Final verdict:
Coming in at about $45 we consider that the stepper motor along with its intelligent driver provided by Sequre is a very essential component of electrical machines. We would not be north if we say that these are basically the nervous system of a performing complex electrical machine. The tiny packaging, that packs this amazing torque an instant power delivery is of no match. And on top of that we are also provided with a very intelligent yet tiny circuit driver. All in all, we consider the stepper motor a very useful an essential component for any electrical project.

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