SQ-ES126 Somatosensory mini screwdrivers for DIY Lover


In order to meet the higher DIY requirements, sequre has developed some high-impact equipment that advances with the times. Take this somatosensory electric screwdriver SQ-ES126, owning it is more than just screwing a screw, owning it is an expression of the pursuit of perfection for DIY enthusiasts.

screwdriver set

The somatosensory electric screwdriver SQ-ES126 is designed and produced by sequre. The main feature of this screwdriver are the exquisite 304 Stainless Steel Shell, OLED display, somatosensory steering and multi torque selection. These highlights are integrated into one and become a favorite handicraft level mini power tool.

With a set of multi-purpose bit set, SQ-ES126 can play a greater role, and can load and unload more than 24 kinds of screws.

screwdriver bit set

The bit is slightly magnetic. This magnetic force comes from the strong magnetic part of the base of the screw driver. It can absorb the screw in use. The suction is good, saving time and labor.

electric screwdriver

SQ-ES126 somatosensory mini screwdrivers can be used in the digital world, lenses, players, mobile phones, electronic circuit repair, circuit board connections, wire harness repairs, jewelry , eyeglass frame repair, industrial cable repairs and installation, automotive and truck repairs, mobile installer,etc.

Several common application scenarios are shown to illustrate the use of this kind of screw driver. Most of the screws assembled by mobile phones are star shaped. Although the screws are relatively precise and small in size, the maximum number of threads can be close to 20 turns. It is also quite laborious to screw them one by one by hand. Especially for professional maintenance personnel, screwing these screws every day can be considered as physical work.

phillips head screwdriver

Double sided PCB multilayer circuit board

For self-made circuit board, the etched copper clad laminate does not have pin holes for installing discrete components, so it is necessary to drill holes on the copper clad laminate manually. The equipment used for drilling is an ordinary motor plus this kind of simple chuck. The motor needs DC 12V, 2A or above current drive to have enough torque to drill through the copper clad laminate. Today's es126 only needs the built-in 3.7V lithium battery power supply to easily drill through the double-sided PCB board with higher hardness. It can be seen that the motor performance and drive module are really outstanding. This kind of quality tool is very suitable for men who like to toss about DIY technology.

impact screwdriver

Each kind of tool has its specific scope of use, and SQ-ES126 is no exception. It is not an iron bar, a drill rod, or a universal tool. Its function is only to screw small screws, small size, large torque, exquisite shell, adjustable torque, somatosensory control.Which is suitable for disassembly and assembly of various precision small equipment. 

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