How Many Watts is Suitable for Household Electric Iron


The power of the electric soldering iron has little to do with the temperature. The higher the power is, the larger the solder joint can be welded. Some weldments with faster heat conduction should also use high-power soldering iron. According to the formula: heat = power * time, the higher the power, the shorter the time to make the weldment reach the same heat, which has nothing to do with the set temperature of the soldering iron. At present, electric iron is mainly divided into external heating type and internal heating type. According to different power, there are many specifications of electric iron. For the external heating type, the higher the power, the higher the temperature of the electric soldering head, and the power of the internal heating type is different from that of the external heating type.

There are two types of electric soldering irons: internal heating type and external heating type. There are mainly 20, 30, 35, 45, 50, 75W electric soldering irons. In addition to all the wattage of the internal heated electric iron, there are 100, 150, 300W and so on. Selection of internal heating type and external heating type: under the same wattage, the temperature of internal heating type electric soldering iron is higher than that of external heating type electric soldering iron.

Electric soldering iron is the most commonly used welding tool in wire harness welding. Its function is to convert electric energy into heat energy to heat the welding spot. Whether it is successful depends largely on how it is controlled. Therefore, from a certain angle, the use of electric iron depends on a sense of manipulation.

Generally speaking, the choice of electric iron is the choice of electric iron power. The power of the electric soldering iron should be determined by the size of the solder joint. The area of the solder joint is large, and the heat dissipation speed of the solder joint is also fast. Therefore, the power of the selected electric iron should be larger.

30W: suitable for mobile phone, MP3, etc

40W: suitable for small overlord game handle, handheld game machine, etc

60W: suitable for TV, audio, keyboard, recorder, radio, fan, game rocker and other household appliances. At the same time, it covers all suitable electrical appliances of 30W and 40W. It can be used to repair all household appliances.

Some high current solder joints need more tin. If the power is too low, the heat dissipation will be too fast. The solder joints are not easy to tin or appear semi liquid. In this case, it is easy to produce gray tin phenomenon and easy to solder. The disadvantage of high-power soldering iron is short service life, it can not be electrified for a long time, it is relatively troublesome to maintain, and it is easy to damage components and boards due to poor technology. So according to their own requirements to choose the appropriate power of the electric iron.

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