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      Description: ODESC high-performance brushless drive is based on the open source project ODrive for hardware optimization and enhancement, stable performance and matching the original firmware of Odriver. The supporting USB connection to the PC terminal can realize motor debugging and complex multi-axis control. And it can realize FOC control for most brushless motors on the market.With the use of encoders, it can also achieve arbitrary torque, speed loop, position loop, current loop, and position control based on trajectory planning etc. It can be widely used in joint flexible robots, robotic arms, 3D printing, camera gimbals, Gimbal slide, CNC milling machine, ship model, car model and other DIY industrial and automation fields.

      Product Parameters

      Hardware Version

      ODESC3.6 Dual Drive

      PCB description

      4 layer 4 * 2oz = 8oz

      Applicable Voltage


      Current Parameter

      50A continuous/120A peak

      Support Encoder

      Incremental Encoder, Absolute Encoder, Houle Sensor, AMT102, AMT103, TLB5012, AS5047

      Communication Interface

      USB-Protocol Open Source (PC, Raspberry Pie, Ros) , UART (Embedded Devices) , PWM (RC Remote) ,


      Voltage Protection

      Programmable Voltage Protection to Prevent Excessive Battery Discharge

      Movement Pattern

      Speed Mode, Torque Mode, Current Mode, Position Mode, Trajectory Mode, etc.

      Overcurrent cooling

      PCB integrates high-current opening skylights, tin pillars, and CNC customized heat sinks, continuous and stable overcurrent, and more efficient heat dissipation

      Contour Dimension


      Product Weight


      Odriver robotics
      ODESC specification
      Odriver dual ESC
      ODrive ESC diagram
      electric speed controller
      esk8 esc
      ESC for electric skateboard
      ESC for rc car

      Overall Dimension

      Product Size: 155*50*30mm

      Net Weight Of Product: 160g

      Package Size: 180*130*30mm

      Packing Weight: 270g


      Packing list

      Driver board ×1
      Power resistance ×1
      XT60 male  x 1
      USB cable  ×1
      20AWG resistance cable ×2
      12AWG motor cable  ×6
      12AWG power cable  ×2