How To Update SQ-001 Firmware

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 Firmware Update

1.Visit and download the latest SQ-001 firmware to your PC.

2.Connect SQ-001 to your PC with USB data cord,meanwhile,press SQ-001's Button A to enter DFU mode and a "DFU 3.45" notice appears on the screen. A virtual disk with 8s erial numbers will appear on your PC.

3.Copy the hex firmware to the root directory of that disk.When the extension of the firmware changes from "hex" to "rdy", disconnect USB and the firmware is upgraded .

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  • Posted on by harun yiğit

    SOLVED! The problem is solved! I did the firmware update with an old model notebook and the problem was solved on my first try. I tried with two desktop computers and it didn’t work. The problem was definitely related to Windows drivers. It caused me to lose 5 hours of work. Still, I had no other option for such an expensive device. New version is very cool!

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