Some Guide On The Use Of SQ-001 Soldering Iron

Some guide on the use of SQ-001 soldering iron.

This article mainly solves your doubts in the process of using SQ-001 soldering iron
Soldering Iron Tip
Changing Soldering Tips
1.Unplug SQ-001 before changing.
2.Loosen the tip set screw.
3.Pull out the tip,replace with another one.
4.Tighten the screw.

Note : When SQ-001 displays "sen-err", it means the soldering iron tip is not installed properly.

Soldering Iron Tip Maintenance

(1) Before switching off,wipe the tip's soldering side with some solder.
(2) Do not leave the tip in high temperature for long time,which may causeit burn out.
(3) Do not push too hard while soldering. which will damage the tip.
(4) Do not use rough material or files to clean the tip.
(5) If the tip surface is oxidized and makes it hard to apply solder on it, you may use 600-800 grit sandpaper to wipe the tip with Ethanol or Isopropyl alcohol, heatup to 200°C and apply solder immdeiately to avoid it oxidize again.
(6) Do not use Flux that contains high chlorine or acid,use only resin based flux.

Soldering Iron Tip Lifespan
Soldering iron tips lifespan is related to its maintenance (refer to 5.3) and use intensity .

Trouble Shooting Guide

Problem 1:No Display
Check:If the cable is broken
Check:Is there any data in USB mode
Check:lf the screen needs to be replaced

Problem 2:Every time when installing.
a new tip , the temperature status display random numbers

Means the machine is checking status,which is normal

Problem 3:Soldering iron restart automatically
Check 1: ls it properly plugged into the power source?
Check 2: ls the volta ge too low?
(need to be set up in the config file)

Problem 4:Soldering iron is heating up and cooling down simultaneously
Check 1: Is the tip first time in use?
Check 2: Is the power cord in loose or defective contact?
Check 3: Is the tip overheating?
Set the temperature in appropriate level
Check 4 : ls the soldering iron clean?
refer to "Soldering iron tip maintenance"

Problem 5:OLED shows "Warning"
Check 1: Is the SQ-001 overheating?
Is SQ-001 temperature higher than the maximun operation temperature
When temperature is lower than maximum operation temperature, the warning sign will disappear and it will return to operation mode

Problem 6: OLED displays "High-Vt"
Check: Is the voltage too high? (over 24V)

Problem 7: OLED displays "Sen-err"
Check 1: Is the soldering iron installed propely?
Check 2: lf check 1 passes, then replace the soldering iron tip

Problem 8: The tip doesn't stick to the solder
1.Tip temperature is over 400°C
2.The soldering side of the tip is not applied with solder properly
3.Lack of flux during operation
4.Rub the tip against dry or high sulfur sponge or fabric
5.Tip touched organic material like plastic, silicone oil or other chemicals
6.Usina impure solder or solder that contains low proportion of tin

Problem 9: SQ-001 return to standby mode during operation
Checl:Is the voltage lower than default (10V) ?
Wait until voltage recovers,it could work normally when the voltage is over 10V.

Default Parameter Setting

Connect SQ-001 to your PC with USB data cord,OLED will display "CONFIG"and means it's in setting mode. Open config.txt file from the USB drive, set the default parameters.

SQ   详细X
abbr. 平方(square)
SQ: 新加坡航空
Trafalgar Sq: 特拉法加广场
CAI SQ: 蔡少青

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