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      SQ-001 Firmware Upgrade Method - English

      1. Click “ SQ-001_firmware_upgrade 400°C ” or " SQ-001_firmware_upgrade 450°C " ,and download the latest SQ-001 firmware to your PC.

      2. Connect SQ-001 to your PC with USB data cord, meanwhile, press SQ-001’s Button A to enter DFU mode once a “DFU3.45” notice appears on the screen. A virtual disk with 8 serial numbers will appear on your PC.

      3. Copy the hex firmware to the root directory of that disk. When the extension of the firmware changes from”hex” to “rdy”,disconnect USB and the firmware is upgraded.



      1.点击" SQ-001_固件_升级 400°C "或“ SQ-001_固件_升级 450°C , 将适用的烙铁最新固件下载至电脑。

      2.按住SQ-001的按键A,同时用USB线将SQ-001与电脑连 接,SQ-001屏幕上显示“DFU3.45”,进入DFU模式,电 脑将出现虚拟磁盘(8位序列号)。

      3.把准备好的hex固件拷贝到该虚拟磁盘的根目录下, 当固件后缀名hex変为rdy后,断开USB连接,完成 固件升级。