How To Avoid Buying Fake 18650 Batteries

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I believe everyone is familiar with lithium batteries. How much do you know about 18650 lithium batteries? And how to avoid dangerous fakes?

With the maturity of battery technology, batteries dedicated to equipment manufacturers such as 18650 have entered the hands of consumers. However, these new lithium batteries are not as standardized as rechargeable AA in supermarkets. You must make sure to buy a working 18650 battery, and you need to know how to avoid counterfeit batteries.


18650 battery

What Is an 18650 Battery?

18650 is a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The emergence of lithium-ion batteries has completely changed the use of portable devices. They are everywhere, from our smartphones and cameras to fitness gadgets and flashlights.


18650 voltage

An 18650 battery is a cell that's 18mm x 65mm in size. The name, 18650, refers exclusively to the size of the lithium-ion battery cell, but there can be minor variations even here. The 18650 has become the new gold standard for replaceable and rechargeable batteries.They offer the performance of a lithium-ion cell, a capacity in the range of 1800mAh to around 3500mAh, and an output of 3.7 v-4.2v.


the best 18650 battery

Choosing the right 18650 battery for the job

The structure of the 18650 is not exactly the same. The most important feature to consider when looking at an 18650 battery is the continuous discharge rating (CDR), also known as ampere capacity.

In order to find the right battery for you, you need to match the battery's CDR to the power consumption associated with your device. If you choose the wrong battery, the battery will become too hot and damage its service life. Overheating may even cause the battery to explode, leak or damage your device.


How to distinguish between true and false 18650 battery

How to avoid using fake 18650 batteries

Like any product, you must beware of fakes. It is common for many suppliers to buy cheap batteries, repackage them into brands, and then sell them as genuine products. This is not only a waste of your money, but also potentially dangerous. The only way to distinguish between genuine and fake batteries is by weight. Most brands will provide the actual battery weight in the product details. You should cross-reference any batteries you buy online with the manufacturer's specifications.

Be safe!

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