What are the danger of using the soldering iron?


What are the danger of using the soldering iron

It is so common to use the soldering iron in the daily life.Thousands of people is familiar with the soldering iron. It’s particularly handy for tradesmen such as electronic technicians, jewelers, metal workers, businessman or the ordinary .It’s also quite safer and more accurate than other heating tools.Virtually, using soldering iron is risky ,for it could ignite other things. Some bad situations sometimes happens when using the soldering iron.So pay more attention to using the soldering iron.Actually it’s possible to avoid most of risk by choosing a good soldering iron.

Whats the working principle of soldering iron?

Soldering iron widely used in different field ,for it can link one thing with another by melting the solder (a metal alloy with a low melting point) to fuse two materials using heat applied through a concentrated point.

1.Cut down the electric.

An important step ,before using the soldering iron, cut down the electric or it will ruin the circuit.Besides that ,soldering irons come in models that use different forms. Use the right size soldering iron for your projects,too much heat can ruin your board or components.Circuit damage also will lead in a fire.In short ,never solder on a live circuit.

2.Choose a right space and pay attention to the gas.

Choosing a right place is vital to prevent some serious hurt.Work in a well-ventilated area,in other word , is good for stopping the stimulating smell hurt us.If we use it at home ,turn on a fume extraction device,or open the windows,make it outsides.The smoke formed as you melt solder is mostly from the flux and quite irritating.Exhale as you make each connection, blowing the fumes away from yourself.  When using the soldering iron,it will have some harmful gas.As is known to all that lead can have serious chronic health effects, such as reproductive problems, digestive problems, nerve disorders, and concentration problems, muscle and joint pain. Solder in a empty space is effective to prevent the mildly caustic and toxic fumes from building up and causing eye or throat irritation.

3.Make it in the soldering iron stand.

Using soldering iron can reach high temperature for smelting the solder,always return the soldering iron to its stand when stop to use.Don’t leave the soldering iron plugged in and unattended,Solder on a fire resistant surface .Make sure that the stand is weighted enough or attached to your worktable so that it doesn’t topple over if you brush against the cord.It is banned to place a hot soldering iron on your work surface,you could start a fire. Warm tip s,buy a new one instead of catching it if you drop it. More importantly,holding wires to be heated with tweezers or clamps,Keeping the cleaning sponge wet during use.

4.Make it cool down or never touch the tip of the soldering iron.

It need to reach a limited temperature so that it can smelt the material,so keep the flammable liquids and materials away from work area.Lead is very dangerous for they are very hot (about 400°C) after being used and will give you a nasty burn.Protecting all our body,wear eye protection, either a face shield or safety glasses.However,avoid wearing contact lenses, the fumes can get under the lenses and cause severe irritation.Be sure to unplug your soldering iron when you’re not using it.Making a sensible option--choosing safer products.

5.Other protective measures.

Always washing hands thoroughly after soldering, eating or  smoking whilesoldering also a bad decision.Don’t use it unarmed,use pliers or vice to hold work in order to avoid burns from objects that are heated.Just having a hygienic work practices.

Our product

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