Three Control Methods Of BLDC Motor


The frequency of use of DC motors is very high, and a lot of work has been done to improve its performance. So far, its control methods can be divided into three methods.

  1. Control with position sensor

The position sensor control is to install a position sensor on the DC motor stator to detect the rotor position and control the commutation of the stator winding. The position sensor used has electromagnetic type, photoelectric type, magnetic sensitive type and so on.

  1. No position sensor control

No position sensor does not directly install a position sensor on the stator of the motor to detect the rotor position. It generally uses direct back-EMF detection, back-EMF third-harmonic method, current path monitoring method, open-circuit phase voltage detection method, phase inductance method, back-EMF Logic level integral comparison method and other methods to indirectly detect the position of the rotor.

Three, intelligent control

Intelligent control generally includes fuzzy control, neural network control, expert system, etc. Intelligent control system has functions such as self-learning, self-adaptation, self-organization, etc., which can solve model uncertainty problems, nonlinear control problems and other more complex problems.

For the above three control methods of DC motors, we can already use the first two more skillfully, but there is still a lot of room for the development of intelligent control, so we want to improve its performance and there is still a lot of development. space.


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