Sequre SQ-ES126 Smart Screwdriver Review By RC Group Jason Cole

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Sequre SQ-ES126 Smart Screwdriver Review

We test out this smart electric screwdriver from Sequre. Read on to see our thoughts and if this is something you should add to your tool bag.



Length: 135mm
Diameter: 18mm
Weight: 124g
Charge Time: 40 Minutes
Run Time: 60 Minutes
Available From: Sequre
Price: $108.99


Have you ever wanted an electric screwdriver for those long or numerous attachment screws used on drones and rc aircraft? I sure have. A long time ago I used to have a huge electric screwdriver which was great for around the house projects, but it was totally useless for the RC hobby. When Sequre reached out and offered for me to review their hobby sized electric screwdriver, I jumped at the opportunity to see how a smaller driver could be useful on my workbench. Let's start out by taking a look at what you get in the box.

What's in the Box

  • SQ-ES126 Smart Screwdriver
  • Manual Screwdriver
  • 24 various driver bits
  • Magnetic Case for manual driver and bits
  • USB-C Charge Cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Stickers



In Use

The screwdriver is a nice size and weight and it feels like a quality product with its all metal construction. I like that it charges up via USB-C and the OLED screen is bright and easy to read. The instruction manual that came with the unit is vague at best and doesn't provide much useful information on how this thing actually works. I was able to play around with it and then the manual started making more sense. It took me a minute to figure out how to change the direction of the bit. There are two buttons so I first thought one button would go clockwise and the other button would be counterclockwise. The two buttons actually do the same thing, run the driver, it's just that one will operate the driver with a light at the tip and the other one does not activate the light.

To change the rotation direction, you just twist the driver in the direction you want like you would if you were manually operating a driver. It works, but since you don't actually need to manually operate the driver with an electric screwdriver, I would have preferred that the buttons would activate the light and operate the driver in opposite directions. I like that tactile feel better and it would be harder to run the bit in the wrong direction. You do get used to it though and it becomes more natural after some use.

That said. It does work quite well and offers different torque ratings. There is no info in the manual to indicate how much force the driver is able to apply and I could hardly tell a difference when changing the various settings. I just leave it in the P or 1 setting which should be the highest settings. It has an Angle sensing mode too, that varies the speed of the bit based on the the tilt angle of the driver, but I didn't find that very useful.

You are able to update the firmware via USB if desired. I don't see myself doing that unless there is a major release that allows direction control via the buttons instead of the twisting motion, but it's there and nice to have that option to update if desired.


So what do I think after using this electric screwdriver? Overall I like it. It does what it's supposed to and it feels and looks like a premium product. With a $100+ price tag, I would expect nothing less. The power of the unit is not quite enough to fully finish a job, but it will get you 99% there with the final 1% needing to be done by hand to make sure all your screws are right and tight. It will be up to you to decide if you need something like this. I see it as a luxury item if you have the dough to blow vs a must have tool. It won't do anything that you can't do with an analog screwdriver, but it is nice to use when building drones that have a lot of attachment points for the frame and electronics.


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  • Posted on by Laszlo
    Hi, where can I find the newest firmware for SQ-ES126?

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