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TVA3006 USB device

In 1996, the USB 1.0 specification was released, breaking down the barriers between devices and obtaining universality. However, it was not adopted widely until 1998 with USB 1.1. More and more devices adopted USB as the core part. And the number continues to increase. With the increased conductor count and complexity of USB, there are many more ways your device can confuse you and make you crazy. Therefore, a quality tool for testing the performance of USB devices is very essential. Our TVA3006 USB tester is designed for this purpose!
As the name suggested, it is a tool that is used to test and check a USB port or a cable. It can measure voltage, current, power, work timekeeping, current direction, capacitance, and quantity of electricity in real time for USB A, and USB C! With the TVA3006 USB tester, you can:
• Test the power delivery capability of USB ports and USB devices.
• Check if a USB host is capable of delivering its maximum specified wattage without failing.
• Check that voltage levels remain within specification under high load.
• Measure the exact power usage of USB devices.
• Measure the capacity of power banks.
• Test USB Type-C cables for voltage drop.
• Test the capacity of battery-powered power banks which have USB connectors.

A USB port is capable of providing a certain amount of current, voltage, and other parameters. When the data degrades for whatever reason or the data doesn’t appear on the tester, it means your USB port is defective.

Main Features

Main Features

• The TVA3006 adopts a 1.14” IPS LCD screen, so you can read the data at a glance. Each click of the button gives you a different display and readout.
• Wide testing range for voltage & current. Voltage: DC 4.5V-30V, Current: 0-15A.
• Monitor data in real-time.
• Data statistics.

A good USB tester should be capable of giving you the basic data of the USB devices such as, but are not limited to, voltage, current, and power. Through our TVA3006 USB tester, you can monitor your USB device in real time, check the condition of your device, and judge if there is a defective point.


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