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      XT60 / XT90 high current ship model aircraft model electric vehicle model lithium battery with silicone wire connector

      Options1:XT60 - male              

      Options2: XT60 – female            

      Options3:XT90 - male             

      Options4:XT90 - female          

      Options5:XT60 male to XT90 - female


      XT60 / XT90 high current with silicone wire connector are widely used in ship model, aircraft model, car model battery/controller/charger, etc.

      Package Included:

      1*the corresponding options connector


      Overall Dimension

      Options1:XT60 - male   

      Product Size: 150mm

      Net Weight Of Product: 17g

      Package Size: 200*150mm

      Packing Weight: 21g