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      Brand Name: SEQURE                                                      
      Model:  SQ-A110 Solder Iron Kit
      Conditions: New 
      Temperature  range: 100-500 ° C (212-932 ° F)  
      Power supply: 110V ~ 240V
      Grounding impedance of welding nozzle: < 2 Ω
      Ground voltage of welding nozzle: < 2mv
      Dimension (about): 236mm (length)  x  23.6mm (maximum diameter)  / 9.29in (length)  x 0.93in (maximum diameter)

      Package includes:

      1 x SQ-A110 Solder Iron (default contain 1x 900 M-T-B) (optional EU Plug or US Plug)

      1 x Instructions

      1 x Metal soldering frame  

      1 x 900M-T-I Solder Tip

      1 x 900M-T-3C Solder Tip

      1 x 900M-T-2.4D Solder Tip

      1 x 900M-T-4C Solder Tip

      1 x 900M-T-3.2D Solder Tip

      1 x 900M-T-K Solder Tip