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      Mini ironing Station Table Heating Table Desoldering Cable Terminal Chip Suitable for SQ001/ D60 Soldering Iron Tips Welding Tools


      Mini ironing table desoldering the inline seat of welding cable , disassembling face cable,chip etc. Made of aluminum alloy material, high strength, strong corrosion resistance, fast heat conduction, rapid heating, flexible and quick operation, suitable for SQ001, D60 and other electric soldering irons.

      Small Ironing Station Table
      Heating Table for soldering iron tip
      Mini Ironing Station

      Options: Mini Ironing Table

      Package Included:

      Mini Ironing table × 1

      Overall Dimension

      Product Size: 25*25*15mm

      Net Weight Of Product: 20g

      Package Size: 120*70*25mm

      Packing Weight: 22g