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      Note2: This Sequre PVC Heat Shrinkableis Tube not for single sale. Please don't order in single order. But you can make a cross buy or order bulk, order bulk 10 pcs min, cross buy without limit. Thank you for your support, enjoy your shopping!

      Product Features:

      PVC heat shrinkable sleeve has the special function of shrinking when heated to 98 ℃, easy to use. It has the advantages of good flame retardant, environmental protection, insulation, softness, stable performance, low shrinkage temperature and fast shrinkage.The product has good high-temperature resistance and no secondary shrinkage. It can play the role of anti-counterfeiting and beautifying the packaging materials, and it has the effect of insulation, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, dust-proof and other aspects of the coated articles.

      PVC Product Parameters:
      Temperature range: - 55 ℃~ 105 ℃
      Rated voltage: 300V
      Shrinkage ratio: transverse shrinkage ≥ 48%, longitudinal shrinkage ≤ 8%
      Product color: Blue

      Tips: Small diameter, short head, you can use a lighter to complete the contraction. Instead of touching the fire, it uses the radiant heat of the fire to achieve the contraction effect. The heat shrinkable tubes with large diameter or long quantity can be shrinked by hot air duct / hot air gun in batch.

      Noted: The option indicates the flattening dimension (half of the circumference), not the diameter. There may be an error of 5% between the actual flattening width and the selling nominal value.

      Package Options:

      (1) 30mm width / M (single 18650 battery)

      (2) 85mm width / M

      (3) 110mm width / M (5pcs 18650 batteries)

      (4) 150 mm width / M


      Product size: 150 * 50 * 50mm

      Net weight: 55g

      Package box size: 190 * 130 * 50mm

      Weight after packaging: 130 g