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      Note: This Barley Paper Surface Pad is not for single sale. Please don't order in single order. But you can make a cross buy or order bulk, order bulk 5 pcs MOQ, cross buy without limit. Thank you for your support, enjoy your shopping!

      Product Description: barley paper surface pad, clear green color, strong tensile strength, temperature resistance 130 ℃, high pressure resistance, suitable for gap insulation of power lithium battery packs and overall package insulation.

      Package options:

      (1) 1 Hollow Heart Insulation Pad: 100

      (2) 4 Hollow Heart Insulation Pad: 25

      (3) 1 Solid Heart Insulation Pad: 100

      (4) 4 Solid Heart Insulation Pad: 25

        Product size: 120MM (length)

        Product net weight: 18g

        Packing box size: 190*130*50mm

        Packed weight: 85g