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      Suggest to Cross Buy Battery Spot Welder 300A Fuse with other products

      Products Description: Use a lithium battery to power the spot welder. It is recommended to use a fuse kit. Once the circuit is short-circuited, the spot welder may be burnt down, or it may cause electric shock, fire and other disasters. So in order to prevent accidents due to circuit overload, we can use fuses for overload protection. Add a fuse, in case the circuit is abnormal, the fuse will be blown, which effectively prevents damage to the spot welder and improves the safety in the event of a failure.

      Package Include:1x SQ-SW1 Battery Spot Welder 300A Fuse

      Product Size: 40 * 50 * 260mm (maximum diameter)

      Net weight: 195g

      Package size: 300 * 140 * 60MM

      Weight after packaging: 330g