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      Products Description: CUI AMT102/AMT103 Capacitive 8192 CPR Encoder,For ODESC Drive, the Wiring is as Follows:

      AMT10(A)-- ODESC(A)
      AMT10(B)-- ODESC(B)
      AMT10(X)-- ODESC(Z)
      AMT10(G)-- ODESC(GND)
      AMT10(5V)-- ODESC(5V)

      Encoder Parameters 

      Click this link for technique file reading

      Package Included:
               AMT102 × 1

               AMT103 × 1

      Product Size:

      Product Size: 42*28*6.5mm
      Net Weight Of Product: 18.2g

      Package Size: 90*70*26mm
      Packing Weight: 46g