How to Choose a Practical Electric Screwdriver


Electric screw driver is an essential tool in electronic industry automation production. Of course, in our daily life, such as the most common home decoration / furniture repair, the electric screwdriver plays a very important role. A strong torque electric screwdriver, I believe it is the daily life of everyone. In particular, electronic repair shop, more need a precision and easy to use screwdriver to make the work more efficient. Although the small electric screwdriver is very common, but how to choose and use it correctly also has certain knowledge. Today, let's share how to choose a practical electric screwdriver. From the following points to explain one by one.


1.Determine professionalism

When buying, you should first determine the use of your own electric screwdriver, whether it is for household use or industrial use. The main difference between domestic and industrial use is the power. The power of Household Electric Screwdrivers is relatively small, and relatively less used, and the input power is not so large. The larger power setting for professionals is to reduce the workload and not feel so tired in the long-term use.

 electric screwdriver for small screws

Household Electric Screwdrivers


Compared with ordinary electric drills, the electric screwdriver has a "fixed torque" function, which means that it will jump out if the torque exceeds a certain torque, and will not blindly twist the screw hole. And the second point is to increase the forward and reverse gears to loosen the tightening. Increasing the low speed gear is more suitable for screwing. If the torque is small, it can't be twisted, and if the torque is large, it is easy to damage the product and cause serious slippage. Therefore, it is best to buy an electric screwdriver with precise torque settings, moderate maximum torque, and multiple gear adjustments.


3、 Speed and accuracy

If the speed is too low, it is easy to affect the efficiency. Generally, good Electric Screwdrivers have several different speed choices, such as high, middle and low.

 electric screwdriver magnetic

SQ-ES126 Advantages:

  1. The type-C interface is used for power supply, charging, firmware upgrade, and parameter setting.
  2. The stainless steel shell and anti-skid, dust-proof, anti-fingerprint and other process treatments are more in line with the human body design.
  3. Adopt ultra-quiet planetary gear motor and high-precision control technology.
  4. Screwdriver with lighting function.
  5. Control the screwdriver by body sense.
  6. OLED screen display, intuitively display the current data of the screwdriver.
  7. The screwdriver has multiple operating modes to control the tightening force, such as setting the automatic gear position, and the screwdriver automatically changes the speed and torque according to the rotation angle.
  8. The screwdriver has built-in chip control to prevent the screw from being over-tightened and causing damage.
  9. Long battery life.
When buying, yo ...

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