Screwdrivers, Electric Screwdrivers and Smart Screwdrivers

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A screw driver is a common tool used to turn a screw into place. It usually has a thin wedge head that can be inserted into the slot or notch of the screw head.

With the rapid development of electrical age and industrial era, manual tools fade away from people's eyes, and the rise of Electric Screwdrivers has paved the way for the industrialization and efficiency of repetitive work. Electric screw driver, also known as electric driver and electric driver, is an electric tool for tightening and loosening screws. The electric tool is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting and limiting torque. Its internal loading motor relies on the power supply to tighten and send the screw driver. At present, most of the Electric Screwdrivers on the market use batteries. It can be said that as long as it is driven by electric power, the screw driver can be called an electric screwdriver or an electric driver. With the development of Internet and the refinement of industrial field. At the same time, the intelligent tightening tools (servo screwdrivers / intelligent screwdrivers) are also on the front stage of history.

As a relatively high-end electric screw driver, intelligent screw driver enriches the functions of the screw driver and further meets the needs of the current assembly industry. Its representative is hollow cup screw driver and servo screw driver. The characteristics of the tightening system of the hollow cup motor mainly come from the core free characteristics of the hollow cup motor. As we all know, the internal structure of general linear motor, stepper motor and servo motor must have the rotor made of iron core, and the hollow cup motor has no iron core characteristics, which makes it much smaller in volume and weight than ordinary motor. And the performance is better than the ordinary iron core motor. The energy conversion rate of the ordinary iron core motor is up to 70%, while the hollow cup motor can reach 90%. And its response speed is far faster than that of iron core motor.

This feature makes the electric driver in the hollow cup motor tightening system very portable. Now the hollow cup motor tightening system on the market is mainly based on the structure of screw gun, with encoder and controller, it can also feedback the tightening data. However, due to the high cost of the hollow cup motor, the tightening system of the hollow cup motor is naturally higher than that of the servo tightening system. Therefore, the manufacturers who do not require too much torque generally choose the cheaper servo tightening system.

Servo tightening system is an automatic tightening system device which makes the torque and angle of ordinary screwdrivers change randomly with the input signal (or fixed value). The so-called servo tightening system mainly relies on the precise pulse positioning of the servo motor to carry out the precise tightening work. It can be understood that the servo motor can rotate a corresponding angle after receiving a pulse to realize the torque and positioning control. The pulse generated by the servo motor after rotation can echo with the received pulse, and finally reach the torque value in the tightening process To achieve closed-loop control. For example, it can be divided into three parts: controller, cable and servo screw driver.


Controller: built in power supply, servo driver, display screen and main control board. The main function is to send instructions to the screw driver, drive the operation of servo motor and display the feedback value. Cable: the main function is to transmit command and feedback data.


Servo screw driver: in addition to the accessories of ordinary screwdrivers, there is also a built-in servo motor. The main function is to perform tightening operation according to instructions and feedback torque, angle and other values.


Main applications: servo tightening system is mainly used in high precision, zero error, data feedback assembly occasions, its shortcomings are from the characteristics of the servo motor: it can not be applied to large torque tightening occasions with large inertia.


With the further refinement of the industrial field, intelligent screwdrivers will have more functions. Sequre provides sq-es126, es-180 Electric Screwdrivers.


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