Why Would a Guitarist Bring a Screwdriver?


The guitarist will bring a tool kit when he travels or performs.

In addition to a set of screwdrivers, there is a set of hexagonal wrenches, a utility knife, a number of thread ends, a number of various screws and drum keys, a pile of springs, a few packs of spare strings, a large pile of power cords, and various adapters There are countless fragments.

It can be said that more than half of the performances need to use the little bits and pieces in the kit, especially screwdrivers and wrenches. After all, there are always various accidents waiting for you in the weird performance venues.

After all, a guitarist with a wide range of knowledge is not only a guitarist, but also a senior welder/repairer/porter/bass player association member/snapper.

So as a guitarist, it makes sense to carry a screwdriver with you.



The guitarist’s kit is barely counted as a must-have item, because a considerable part of guitarists basically do not make any other adjustments to the guitar except for changing the strings. But a small wire cutter can also be regarded as a necessity for string replacement; a Phillips screwdriver can be used to tighten loose neck screws or buttons; a suitable wrench can be used to adjust the bridge height, pitch and tighten the input jack Nuts, these are the tools that should be included in your toolkit.

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