What’s The Difference Between Traditional Soldering Iron And Modern Soldering Iron?


Whats the difference between traditional soldering iron and modern soldering iron?

In the past,we have thousands of useful inventions.There are countless famous people create them.For example,Edison has a masterpiece,and until now,we can not live without it.It is the light bulb.May be it just a tiny thing,it brighten us.We use it to produce,to have a nice life and so on.In short,it gives our human being lots of fantastical memories.The other masterpiece is the way of paper-making,we always use the diversity paper to write letters or recording something important,even use colorful paper to fold beautiful origami.That’s The soldering iron also has a developing history.

Traditional soldering irons characteristic.

We used have Simple soldering iron.It just a simple thing can melt metal to link with other thing.The old soldering iron has some shortages,such as can not control the temperature,has a big size or need alternating current.It is so inconvenient for us to use and even dangerous.

The process of soldering iron.

The old soldering iron’s developing process.From simple iron to Cordless iron. Temperature-controlled soldering iron,Soldering station,Soldering tweezers.That is the process of the soldering iron.

Modern soldering iron.

We now live a modern life,full of the smell of  technology,or like somebody say that full of the smell of reinforced concrete,it just the great progress of our age.Change the ways to have a traditional and slow life.The soldering iron too,becoming faster,high efficiency even mini like a pen that we use to writte letters.It is this features that make our soldering work becomes easy and convenient.Brief summary,smart,small,portable, easy to operate are the most obvious features.The soldering iron from sequre SI012 PROS99 and the S60P are a good choice for us.

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