Why Use Nickel Sheet For Battery Spot Welding Technology


The results show that the spot welding effect of nickel plate is good, the internal resistance is lower, the oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, the discharge time of battery pack is longer, and the spot welding of battery is more firm.


It is mainly reflected in various lithium battery packs, and the main methods for spot welding the lead out piece and connecting piece are as follows:


  1. Press the power switch of battery spot welding machine to the "on" position to turn on the power.


  1. Confirm that all parameters of battery spot welding equipment have been debugged, and prepare materials and related tools according to the right parameter setting table.


Tools can be used: double head spot welding machine, file knife, pressing fixture, hexagon wrench.


When debugging the parameters of battery spot welding machine, it must be confirmed with the quality engineering, and it can be operated only if it meets the requirements. When spot welding 18650 lithium battery, we must pay attention to the spot welding tension, which should be within the range of quality inspection.


Nickel sheet is cheap, and the shape can be irregular diversification.


Spot welding technology is mature, and the spot welding machine on the market is also super cheap.


The point capacitance welding of combined lithium battery pack can basically ignore the production tools and save a lot of cost.


Maintenance and disassembly after welding is also more convenient. Some batteries can be reused only by grinding the welding surface of the cell. Nickel is easy to weld. It absorbs tin and is cheaper than copper. Moreover, copper has a disadvantage: it is easy to oxidize in the air. When the battery pack is opened, a piece of green rust will appear.

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