Do We Need a Screwdriver?


Do we need a screwdriver?

Actually,it is hard to explain this problem.

Because there is an experienced crowd who are good at hand-make or fixing somethings,or those who like DIY,it is a necessity for them.Besides screwdriver,they still need other fixing tools,such as hammer,soldering iron and so on.All are rotational tools and can have similar voltage options. An electric screwdriver is a tool more suited for precise and nuanced jobs than the cordless drill. On the reverse end, the tool to use when you need more muscle for a project than your cordless drill can offer is an impact driver.

Know your needs.

We need to knows that what we want to use it to do?What conditions or situations can it use in?Firstly,you can use it to hole,You can use an electric cordless screwdriver as a drill. An electric screwdriver is more than capable of doing some simple drilling and in some circumstances may even outperform a drill.To all intents and purposes, a drill and a screwdriver work the same.

In these instances, an electric screwdriver offers more power and speed than a manual screwdriver. They're still compact enough to fit in tight spaces and not so powerful that they're likely to strip out any screws. Electric screwdrivers are popular tools, so there are many choices available.

What happens if you drill into drywall? 

It is obvious that it will happens something terrible.“The main dangers of drilling into a wall are hitting an electrical wire, water pipe, or gas pipe,” explains Issabel Williams, a crew member with Fantastic Handyman UK. “All of these scenarios can lead to electrocution or flooding.”Electrical wires, for example, tend to follow a certain pattern of placement.

Can you put screws in a wall without a drill?

When adding an anchor to drywall, you don't need the drill & bit. All you need to do is screw the screw into the drywall (slowly, so as not to go crooked & making the hole wider than needed), and then back it out, then tap in your anchor, and insert the screw into the anchor.

Wise Option.

As the name suggests,we use the screwdriver to tighten the screws or loose screw,even we can use the electric screwdrive to hole.It just have a lot of advantages,help us to save more energy.If you have requirement like that,you can choose a electric screwdrive.SQ-ES126,ES-180 always a wise choice for the players.

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