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      Product Specification:

       Model:ES-180 Screwdriver Total length:180MM
      Weight:0.21KG Product Color: Silver Grey
      Battery Capacity:260mA Battery type: Lithium Battery
      Endurance: Continuously Tighten 300 Screws Maximum Torque: 0.35 (Nm)
      Power Supply Voltage: 3.6V Rated Speed: 150 (rpm)
      No-Load speed: 150 (rpm) Return speed:150(rpm)
      Rotation Direction:Double-Way Working Mode: Dual Mode Torque 0.3-2 N/m
      Driving Head / Clamping Head: Magnetic Suction Chuck Rated Voltage Range: 3.7V
      Screwdriver Bits Material: S2 Steel Screwdriver Bits Quantity: 20 pieces


      Bits Size:


      PH0000/ PH000/  PHOO/  PHO/  PH1/  SL1.0/  SL1.5/  SL2.0/  T5/  T6/  H3.0/  Y0.6/ Y2.5/  P2/  P5/  P6


      PH2/ H2.0/ SL2.5

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