Where To Buy Nickel Strip for 18650?


Where to buy nickel strip for 18650

What is nickel strip?

From the name of the nickel strip,obviously we can see that it include Nickel.The nickel is a shiny silver-white metal with a slight golden tint , is a transition metal, which is hard and ductile. The chemical activity of pure nickel is quite high,this activity can be seen in the powder state with the maximum reaction surface area, but the large pieces of nickel metal react slowly with the surrounding air because a layer of protective oxidation has formed on the surface. Even so, because the activity between nickel and oxygen is high enough, it is still difficult to find natural metallic nickel on the earth's surface. The natural nickel on the surface of the earth is sealed in the larger nickel-iron meteorites, because the meteorites can't come into contact with oxygen when they are in space. On Earth, this natural nickel will always be combined with iron, which reflects that they are both the main final products of supernova nucleosynthesis. It is generally believed that the core of the earth is composed of a mixture of nickel and iron.


Where it use for?

There is some people keen on the electric toy,like the electric car,the drone and so on,more and more young people be interested in it,even some old people try to play or DIY that by themselves.It like a popular trend and change our life.They use nickel strip to make a more motivated battery so that it can support the consume of their toy.

How to use and what for?

Usually,you need to prepare batteries,nickel strip and the battery holders in advance.Moreover,you should have a spot welder so that the singel battery can be a battery team,you need to place the nickel tape on top of the battery pack,then fixed them with the spot welder.Because we can not use the spot welder in the surface of battery,the role of the nickel strip is to protect the battery from damage.

From where?

A market mixed high quality with the bad one.Choosing a good nickel strip seems very important.SEQURE always providing customers with high-quality nickel strip,it suit for 18650 battery.Be loved by thousands of clients.The nickel strip use for spot welder, and Power Battery Connector Pure Nickel Plate With Low Internal Resistance.It’s High quality and low price.

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