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      Note: This 0.3mm Barley Paper is not for single sale. Please don't order in single order. But you can make a cross buy or order bulk, order bulk 10 pcs min, cross buy without limit. Thank you for your support, enjoy your shopping!

      Product introduction:The Electrical Insulation Paper is a single-sided film with a thickness of 0.3MM, polyester film and high temperature resistant barley paper, for 18650 Battery cell. The color is turquoise and has strong tensile strength. Able to bend longitudinally and laterally, with a temperature resistance of 130°C and high voltage resistance.No bubbles,glue not fall off, suitable for gap insulation and overall package insulation of power lithium battery packs.

      Package Include: 1pc x 110*1000mm Barley Paper

      Product size: 120*40*30mm

      Product net weight: 25g