SI012 Firmware Upgrade

SI012 Firmware Upgrade 

Version: v2.21 (Firmware download)


1.Before upgrading the firmware, please make sure that the name of the product(SI012) is the same as the name of the downloaded firmware(SI012_V2.21). An incorrect upgrade may cause irreversible damage to the product. 

2.Version 2.16 is not applicable for this firmware update.

3.Please use the Windows system when upgrading the firmware (macOS system is not compatible)

Description of firmware version V2.21

1. [ Sensitive ]: Optimize the wake-up sensitivity function.

2. [ TempStep ]: Set the step value of the working temperature, change the step to 1, and the range is 1-50.

3. [ Power ]: Add the function of setting working power, the default is 100%. If the actual power supply is not enough, the soldering iron will restart when the heating is turned on. You can try to reduce the Power value.


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