Types of Electric Soldering Iron Tips


For soldering iron tips, there are many kinds of it, which is also based on the specific application environment.

The first is the external heated soldering iron head: it is composed of soldering iron head, core and shell, wooden handle, power lead and plug. For this soldering iron head is placed inside the soldering iron core, so it is called external heated soldering head.

Internal heating type soldering iron tips: it is actually composed of handle and connecting rod, spring clip, soldering iron core and soldering iron head. Because the soldering iron core is placed in the innermost part of the soldering head, its heating is very fast, and the corresponding heat utilization rate is also very high.

Constant temperature soldering iron head is a kind of temperature controller with magnet in the device, which can achieve the purpose of temperature control by controlling the corresponding power on time. In fact, the solder head is a kind of soldering tool which dissolves the piston type tin absorb with the solder head. This device has good convenience and flexibility in use, and the corresponding scope of application is also relatively wide. However, he has only one shortcoming, that is, only one solder joint can be removed at a time.

soldering iron tipsFeatures: the tip of the corresponding soldering head is very small.1.Type I

Scope of application: this specification of soldering iron head is very suitable for fine welding, and it can also be used in places with relatively narrow welding space.

2.Type B / type LB

Features: This B-type soldering iron head has no certain directionality, and can be welded to the whole front end of the soldering iron head. LB type is a kind of B type. These two specifications of soldering iron head are very flexible.

Scope of application: this specification can be used for general welding, regardless of the size of solder joint.

3.Type D / LD

Features: welding with the nozzle part.

Application scope: suitable for welding with more tin, such as large welding area, thick terminal and large pad.

4.Type C / CF

Features: the inclined plane of the corresponding front end of the soldering iron head is used for welding, which is suitable for welding with more tin content.

Application scope: for some need more tin welding, such as welding area of large environment can be used.

5.Type K

Features: it is a multi-purpose soldering iron head, which can be used for vertical and pull welding.

Scope of application: it is very practical to weld the modified tin bridge and connector.

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