How to Use Electric Iron for Beginners?


The methods for Beginner to use electric soldering iron include preparation, soldering tin and flux, auxiliary tools, pre welding treatment and welding technology.

 1.Preparatory work

Before using the new soldering iron, the iron head shall be polished with fine sandpaper, electrified and heated, dipped in rosin, and then the edge surface of the iron head shall be contacted with the solder wire, so that a layer of tin can be evenly plated on the iron head. In this way, it is easy to weld and prevent the surface oxidation of the soldering head.

 2.Solder and flux

Solder: soldering electronic components, generally using a rosin core solder wire. This kind of solder wire has low melting point and contains rosin flux, so it is very convenient to use.

 Flux: commonly used flux is rosin or loose perfume (rosin dissolved in alcohol). The use of flux can help to remove the oxide on the metal surface, facilitate welding, and protect the soldering head.

 3.Assistive tools

In order to facilitate welding operation, pointed nose pliers, side cutters, tweezers and knives are often used as auxiliary tools. We should learn to use these tools correctly: pointed nose forceps, side cutters, tweezers and knives.

DIY Soldering Iron

4.Pre welding treatment

The oxide layer on the welding part can be removed with a broken saw blade. Scrape off the oxide layer on the surface of the metal lead to expose the metal luster of the pin. Printed circuit boards can be polished with spinning paper and coated with a layer of rosin alcohol solution.

 5.Welding technology

 Hold an electric iron in your right hand. Hold components or wires with a pair of pointed nose pliers or tweezers with the left hand. Before welding, the electric iron should be fully preheated. The edge of the soldering iron head should eat tin, that is, take a certain amount of solder. Put the edge of the soldering iron head close to the solder joint. The angle between the electric iron and the horizontal plane is about 60 ℃. In order to facilitate the flow of molten tin from the solder head to the solder joint. The retention time of soldering iron head at the solder joint should be controlled within 2-3 seconds.

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