Buying Guide for Soldering Iron and Top Picks of 2020


Buying Guide

Soldering iron is one of the handiest electronics which help in working with metals. Soldering irons are also sometimes regarded as soldering pencils; and are used as a tool for soldering projects. Following is a guide to consider while buying soldering irons.

  • The rating for the wattage should range from about 20-50 watts only. Wattage is not responsible for handling the temperature or heat of the soldering iron. It only works on how fast it can heat the iron and re-gain the normal temperature after plugging it out.
  • Every time you solder, the tip of the soldering iron is lowered in terms of temperature as it transfers the heat forward to the wires of solder joints. The higher the wattage of the soldering iron, the more it can maintain a loner temperature and re-heat itself.
  • Tips of the soldering irons should always be replaceable. This is because the tips can become damaged or oxidized and need to be changed after a while, so spending a few extra cents in replaceable tips will eventually save you from spending a lot in future.
  • Purchasing a good, heat-proof stand is also important to get while purchasing a soldering iron. This is to rest the iron when it is not in use, so that no one is harmed by it.
  • The most expensive soldering irons have built-in temperature controls. If money is not a problem for you, getting temperature control feature is just an additional and useful edge to your soldering iron which will make the job easier.

Best Soldering Iron Reviews 2020

 Mini SQ-001 Soldering Iron 

The SQ-001 soldering iron is also a compact iron which is not only intelligent but has automatic control on internal heating system. It is very light in weight and convenient to assemble or disassemble. This soldering iron has micro usb interface as well as control key for temperature adjustment on the handle so you can control it just by using one finger. It also comes with a sleep mode option to prevent drying out of the soldering iron and prolong the life of the joints.

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