The Difference between Traditional Screwdrivers and Smart Screwdrivers


Traditional Screwdrivers

The screw driver is a common tool used to turn a screw to make it in place. It usually has a thin wedge-shaped head which can be inserted into the slot or notch of the screw head. Most of its kinetic energy is human power. The names of each area are also different: screwdrivers, screwdrivers, screwdrivers and cutters. It is generally divided into one character (negative sign) and cross (positive sign). There are also common hexagon screwdrivers, including the inner hexagon and the outer hexagon.


Smart Screwdrivers

As a relatively high-end electric screw driver, intelligent screw driver enriches the functions of the screw driver and further meets the needs of the current assembly industry. Its representative is hollow cup screw driver and servo screw driver. The characteristics of the tightening system of the hollow cup motor mainly come from the core free characteristics of the hollow cup motor. As we all know, the internal structure of general linear motor, stepper motor and servo motor must have the rotor made of iron core, and the hollow cup motor has no iron core characteristics, which makes it much smaller in volume and weight than ordinary motor. And the performance is better than the ordinary iron core motor. The energy conversion rate of the ordinary iron core motor is up to 70%, while the hollow cup motor can reach 90%. And its response speed is far faster than that of iron core motor.

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