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Author:Elsa Chen

Soldering irons are great tools to make job easier. But few people know that soldering tools are also a great tools to keep around our life. Do you think soldering iron is expensive and untouchable? Today I will tell you some applications of soldering tools that can be usefull around our life:

Application for home use

1) Roofing Trades

Soldering tools are great for making repairs to a roof and for making a flashing roof. You can use soldering iron to fuse components of copper roofs and fuse galvanized metal for flashing. The moment the solder cools it will become waterproof, this can be especially helpful in the rainy season when repairs are highly needed to be made. Due to te windy nature of roof repairs, You'd batter to choose the one heat up quickly. 

2) Soldering Metal Gutters

If your home has metal gutters, you can held them together by soldering. The materials are similar to the ones roofers use for flashing roofs. Soldering can make the gutters leak proof permanently. Absolutely convenient on rainy days!

3) Artistic Decorations

For example, you can create stained glass windows or mosaics. First, preparing some beautiful patterns of different colors and a soldering iron more than 100-watt, Then, use your imagination to join the separate pieces of colored glass together. In tradition, artisans used lead-based solder in stained glass windows, which is unhealthy, but nowadays lead-free solders are more common for making stained glass windows and mosaic sculptures. In addition, soldering iron is a perfect tool for performing quick repairs of loose glass.

You can creat lamps of different shapes and colors

4) Auto Repair

Tthough, joining performed on automobiles need hard metal and need acetylene torches and more traditional welding methods, But soldering irons can be useful for smaller tasks, soldering metal is soft, can be used to smoothrough edges, tighten jointswhen and fill irregular cavities when doing auto body repair. And it can also be used in Bicycle repair, Motorcycle reparie, in Musical instrument repair

and in electrical repair, such as: TV, refrigerator, water dispenser, humidifier, dust collector, air conditioner, electric fan, Dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, electric iron, Water heater, dehumidifier, hair dryer, shaver, massager, ventilation fan, Oven, microwave, rice cooker, soymilk maker, electric kettle, induction cooker etc.

5) Plumbing and Line

If you have a soldering iron in home. It can be convenient when you need to repair copper and other metal pipes. Using lead-free solder to join plumbing pipes is safty. lead is a kind of toxic materials, we must avoid ourselves to any lead. For pipes, small operating space, and no power plug nearby, then a Battery-use handle soldering iron is the best choice.

A soldering iron is also the best way to join wires and multiple pieces of metal, there are many other uses for a soldering iron around our home life. With your creative thinking, just come up with more uses of soldering iron for home projects, anything is possible.

Application for professional

1) Circuit Boards

Plastic circuit boards of electronics, is one of the most common uses of a soldering iron. Using soldering iron to join two wires to establish electrical continuity and fixed the wiring down to the circuit board. In this way, we need samrt soldering tools which are more accurate and including controller.

2) Electricians

Electricians ofen use soldering irons to splice wires in residential or commercial wiring, sometimes use to wire in electrical terminals inside electrical devices or in control panels.

3) Vacuum Tubes

Silver tin solder is placed on a pre-fab vacuum switch tube to form a corrugated ring with a cover that forms a tight vacuum on the circuitry board to which the tube is attached.This is important in electronics as the near-vacuum allows free passage for the electric current to go through.

4) Professional repairman

Soldering tools can be used in Precision maintenance situation. For example, electrical repair, digital repair, musical Instrument repair, watch repair etc.

5) Lab and engineer

Soldering iron can be used in electronics laboratory for engineers.

Application for DIY

1) Jewelry

Jewelry require higher precision, so jewelers will prepare different kinds of solder tips in working with jewelry. The solder has a high percentage of silver, so they also use accurate torches that burn propane or butane. Because of the oxides that form when you apply heat to metal, jewelers typically use borax flux to reduce the metal oxides that form when you apply heat to metal. Flux is an important component of any soldering job.

2) Drone FPV

3) 3D printer

4) Skateboard

Advantages of SEQURE SQ-001 soldering iron:

1. Small and exquisite, easy to disassemble and store, easy to carry;

2. The temperature rises fast;

3. Heating / Cooling switch at will;

4. Automatic hibernation and automatic standby effectively prevent the soldering iron from wearing out after being used for a long time without power, thereby increasing the life of the soldering iron, and also preventing the safety hazard caused by forgetting to power off after using the soldering iron;

5. over temperature alarm;

6. Customize the exclusive logo on startup;

7. You can customize parameters such as startup temperature, sleep time and standby time;

8. Integrated internal heating type heating core, making the heat energy conversion rate more efficient and quick;

9. The real-time temperature of the OLED display is more clearly at heart;

10. Suitable for DC12-24V laptop power supply, car power supply and mobile power supply. The usage scenarios are not limited by power supply. Add XT60, T-plug, XT30 to DC5525 power cord and aircraft model battery perfectly: support 3S-6S.


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